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Decorate for Christmas

Decorations for Christmas does not have to come from Lowes, Walmart or any of the other same-old big-box retailers.  Shopping in a vintage store will provide you with some unique Christmas Decor that you cannot find anywhere else.  Big things we are seeing already this year includes:

Remember those plastic hollow Santas, Snowmen and Reindeer?  They have made a huge comeback for the Christmas front porch decor.  The colors pop as the small light inside glows.

Ice Skates
Skates hung on a hook by the front door is a fun statement.  The add a touch of whimsy to the front porch.

Runner Sleds
Another unique item are those old sleds leaning up against the wall.  Ice skates look great hanging on them.  This gives a snapshot of some fun outside, then rush inside for a cup of hot chocolate.

Vintage Ornaments
These are such a conversation piece and give a unique flare to the Christmas Tree.

All of these items can be found at Ringgold Feed & Seed Antiques.  Come visit us today.


Made From Junk

This porch bed is a great example of how to repurpose items and make something unique.  We needed a new porch swing, but the ones in the store are all the same.  So, we made one ourselves.

We started with just a platform we made out of some scrap wood we had in the shop.  We used an old door as the backrest and croquet mallets to form the arms.  We also used arms we were able to remove from a broken rocking chair.  We attached some molding we found in a barn to the front and topped it off with a cushion we found at a yard sale and finally, some pillows we made.



We enjoy taking items and making new uses for them.  The coffee table in the center started out as an old chicken coop.  Simply add some legs and a cool paint job, now it is a conversation piece.  Inside the coop, you can display your collection of “stuff” and still have a functioning table.  The paint and the coops are all available at Ringgold Feed & Seed Antiques.


Outdoor Decorating

Except for a very few items, this entire porch was furnished by picking estate sales or junk shops.  This method allows us to combine several decorating styles to create the eclectic mix.

The “One Nation Under God” artwork on the wall was created by Lori Lytle, who is based in Lafayette, GA.  She creates these wonderful pieces which are amazing and insightful.  Her work can be found at The Ringgold Feed and Seed Antiques.

The white chairs were found at an estate sale in Florida, while we were on vacation.  Yes, even at the beach, we still go junkin’.

Gay made the Gas Can Man who sits on top of a blue medical cabinet we found in the trash…yes trash-pickin’ is still pickin’

So, it may take some time to find some of these great pieces, but once they are assembled, It becomes obvious that they were meant to be together.



Vintage Design

To create that unique space, consider vintage items in your design.  This space has been decorated in items we found at junk shops.  The rustic sign offers a great backdrop behind the bed.  This sign is just as we found it and it really pops off the wood-slat wall.

We painted the wall white except for a black-striped accent wall.  Adding the floating shelves, purchased from Ikea, holds some additional items from the collection.  We tried to include some colorful items that stands out against the white wall.  The red radio, the globes and the Exit sign really pops.