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We saw this space in Ringgold and just fell in love with it.  The Callaway Feed & Seed Company has been in business since 1930.  The Cotton Gin was running continuously, the feed store had farmers coming in and out all day, the Callaway Brothers had a wonderful business.  Now, long after the business is closed, the Cotton Gin is still there, the building where the feed store resided is now empty and waited until we discovered it.

We have filled our unique space with a wide variety styles.  Each vendor is chosen based on their fit within our vision of supplying a wide variety of amazing, unique items.  We have folks that specialize in vintage radios, primitives, rusty-crusty stuff and more.

Please contact us at info@ringgoldfeedandseed.com for more information.

Read about the Callaway Feed & Seed Here.

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  1. You could just about get anything you needed at “Callaway Brothers” cowboy boots, cowboy hats, Bailer twine before the round hay you see sitting out in the fields ,hay balers made square bales, It has been said the Farmers would be out of business if you didn’t have baler twine , we tied everything with it, gates, quick fence repairs etc. our family did a lot of trade’n with Jimmy and Richard Callaway, we rented their old tractor, to pull our 40 ft Livestock Trailer, To haul our Rodeo Bulls and Broncs , to the Rodeos my, Family was Ralph R. Headrick Rodeo Inc. Rodeo Stock contractors, producers, Ala. Tenn, Ga, North Fla. We actually had a rodeo inside the Warner Park Field House ,Chattanooga,Tn. back in the early 60s,We had a portable Arena, that could set up anywhere, Also we had a show at the Lakeview High School football Field, on Cross St, Fort “O” it is now the middle school , just sharing a little history to the new owners of how The Callaway Bros. helped the Local Ringgold Folks. Steve Headrick.

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