Happy Birthday!

One year ago today, we opened our doors for the first time. It was  three months of hard, dirty work getting the store ready for customers. We knew we had a great place and once the vendors decorated their booths, we knew we had something awesome. We still wondered will the customers come?   Would they love the store too?
It has been a wonderful first year…far exceeding our expectations. Thank you to our vendors that work so hard picking, cleaning, making, pricing, and presenting the greatest items. Thank you to all the customers that have graced our doors and spent their hard earned money with us. We appreciate you all so much. Thank you Ringgold for being the greatest, friendliest city to own a business. Thank you for the other stores in town that send their customer’s our way. Thank you for allowing us to live our dream of owning an antique store. We are feeling so blessed and look forward to 2015 to see what new adventures it brings.
Stay tuned, we will be announcing a celebration weekend for later this month. We have the greatest vendors and customers. You make each day so fun to be in the store.