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Outdoor Decorating

Except for a very few items, this entire porch was furnished by picking estate sales or junk shops.  This method allows us to combine several decorating styles to create the eclectic mix.

The “One Nation Under God” artwork on the wall was created by Lori Lytle, who is based in Lafayette, GA.  She creates these wonderful pieces which are amazing and insightful.  Her work can be found at The Ringgold Feed and Seed Antiques.

The white chairs were found at an estate sale in Florida, while we were on vacation.  Yes, even at the beach, we still go junkin’.

Gay made the Gas Can Man who sits on top of a blue medical cabinet we found in the trash…yes trash-pickin’ is still pickin’

So, it may take some time to find some of these great pieces, but once they are assembled, It becomes obvious that they were meant to be together.